The Queues


The Queues were started around Thanksgiving time in 2005 by Jarl Sonkin and Robert Wintour. Bringing together members from bands they had played with as teenagers, Sonkin and Wintour began collaboratively writing songs that were equal parts contemporary and traditional. They performed along side countless other rock and roll groups in nightclubs, bars and college apartments throughout central Florida for three years, struggling through set-backs like member changes, corrupt management, burglary and a poorly organized tour before releasing their first full length album 'Noisemaker'. For the album's release they performed in a Denny's restaurant, becoming the first band ever to do so. Despite Noisemaker's initial success, personal reasons drove the group apart for an extended hiatus. However, more than a year later, Wintour and Sonkin were reunited and recorded an EP on audio tape entitled 'The Queuesette'.


Jarl Sonkin - Short Guitar / Vocals
Rob Wintour - Tall Guitar / Covals


The Queues - Queuesette CS
The Queues - Noisemaker CD